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Since 1998, S.O.S. DÉBOSSELAGE has been offering PAINTLESS DENT REMOVAL services to remove dents, scratches, and other marks from your vehicle’s bodywork or alloys without using any products or fillers. Combining quality training, specialized tools, and expert skills, we work beneath the damaged area dozens of times to remodel the metal back to its original shape.

  Whether your car has been damaged by hail, a hastily opened door, a stray golf ball or firewood stacked in the garage, if the paint has not been damaged, we are your best solution. With 11 franchises, a specialized hail team, and over twenty technicians, our company offers the largest province-wide coverage, so you can rest assured that you will receive excellent and prompt service. Over the last few years, S.O.S. DÉBOSSELAGE has become an industry standard. We can work together with your dealer, lessor or insurance company. Why go elsewhere?

In 2005, we set up a specialized hail team to deal exclusively with the repair of vehicles damaged by hail. The team travels throughout Quebec to provide consistent top-quality results. Our services have also been called upon by international clients. If your car is ever damaged by hail, call S.O.S. DÉBOSSELAGE.

We have successfully repaired over 45,000 vehicles so far. As you browse through our website, you will see many of our repair projects. You never know, one of those may even be your own!!!

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***Estimation and repair center now open in Saguenay ***





S.O.S DÉBOSSELAGE has partnered with Opération Enfant Soleil



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