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We can help you make your dealership’s service division profitable. Several dealers sell our services to their customers through their service or bodywork departments. Our partnership program has been a proven success over the years.

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An S.O.S. DÉBOSSELAGE representative will visit you to explain how we can help maximize the potential of your service division.

This type of contract allows a producer or tradesperson to develop a distribution network without making a major investment. Franchisees benefit from the image, products, guidance, and experience of a well-established business.

We now have 11 independent franchises working in the field of PDR. Some territories are still available. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit and love cars, please contact us. We have the right challenge for you.

Please note that our training is only offered to future franchisees and technicians in our specialized hail team.




S.O.S DÉBOSSELAGE has partnered with Opération Enfant Soleil



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