Lease returns

Auto leasing: avoiding the penalty trap

You are no doubt aware that at the end of your lease, your car must be returned in good condition and that any damages not considered normal wear and tear must be repaired, or will be charged to you. This is one more reason to use the dent removal technique.

Depending on your financing company, an assessor will call on you a few weeks before the end of the lease. The assessor will compile a list of both internal and external parts that have not endured normal wear and tear. You then have the option of paying the charges demanded or asking us for a second expert opinion. Most of the time, the financing company’s assessment is based on routine bodywork repairs and not on PAINTLESS DENT REMOVAL. We strongly recommend that you show us your vehicle before the lease return and we will discuss what may be considered normal wear and tear. Proper repairs before the assessor’s visit will often save you a lot of money.

Our repair rates are generally lower than what a dealership charges, so before you get a huge repair bill, give us a call and talk with one of our expert technicians about what is considered normal wear and tear. We offer free no-obligation evaluations.

Whether you’re dealing with dents (PDR) or simple scratches* (POLISHING), we will help you save considerable time and money. And if you are the vehicle owner, repairing dents and scratches may increase the market value of your car.

Comment*: These services are not yet available at all points of service.




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