Weather-related damages

Weather damaged your vehicle?

Hail damage
Did you know that since 2001, urban areas have at least one hailstorm a year, and that hailstones cause damages worth millions of dollars to crops, buildings, and vehicles? HAIL season lasts three to four months, from June to September. Generally, HAIL precipitation lasts only a few minutes and is often associated with violent thunderstorms. Hailstones range in size from a small marble to the size of a tennis ball. Contrary to popular belief, hailstones are not always round. For more information go to Wikipedia

Your car is damaged!
Exceptionally, this kind of repair may require your car to be immobilized for some time. However, should this be the case, we will provide you with a courtesy car. Unlike other types of repairs, some parts of your vehicle have to be dismantled in order to access all the dents. The roof, the hood, and the trunk are some of the parts where the lining must be removed.

Remember, all our repairs are done without any drilling or additional products (unless otherwise indicated).

Over the last few years, we have worked in partnership with various insurance companies and set up a satellite office during hail season to provide insured persons with unparalleled service.

References from insurance companies, body shops, and auto dealers are available upon request.

If you witness a hailstorm or your vehicle is damaged by hail, please contact us.




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